6 Week Organize All the Things Challenge


Clutter stresses me out.

I’m just going to leave that there.

Does this mean that I have a picture perfect home? Far from it. BUT I have worked out some systems that have made my home a lot more organized and livable. AND I am a work in progress.

This new six-week challenge is geared to make you more comfortable in YOUR home. And I will be walking WITH you to become more comfortable in MY home. (Did you walk with me on my Morning Makeover Challenge?)

So, to start, here are a few things this organization challenge will NOT be:

  • This will not be a step by step prescriptive challenge. As much as I would love to give you guys a step by step approach to systematically make over your home–home organization just does not work that way!
  • This Challenge is a no judgment zone–Your house and routines will be different than mine and mine will be different from yours–and that is A-OK!

What you WILL get from this organization challenge:

  • 6 weeks of blog posts: 2 weeks focusing on decluttering, 2 on organization, and 2 weeks on mindset and routines.
  • At least 12 free printables–including meal planning sheets, closet inventories and instructional sheets for kids completing household chores.
  • A Private devoted Facebook group where we can extend the conversation and share what works.
  • A more orderly home by holiday season!

So, here are your next steps!

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  2. Request membership in our private Facebook group! I’ll get you approved ASAP!
  3. Set aside a few hours a week to devote to the assignments.
  4. Grab a shiny new notebook or three-ring binder to document ideas and routines.
  5. Take some before photos of the areas you really want to focus on.
  6. Invite a friend or two to take the challenge with you!

I’m so excited to embark on this journey! See you September 5!



Morning Makeover: Review Your Routines

Creating routines and habits for your mornings are a great thing. They allow you to do what you need to do to move ahead without having to spend a lot of energy and time thinking about it.

That’s a good thing.

It can also be a dangerous thing when you’re focusing on the wrong things and are in the habit of doing things that don’t help you reach your goals.

When we get into a routine, it’s hard to stop and ask ourselves if it’s working as well as it could be. Even more importantly, with a routine and a set of habits firmly established, it’s easy to keep going even when circumstances change. That’s why it’s important to take some time every now and again to review our routine and habits, including the new morning routine.

Set aside a little time every few weeks, or even months to review your routine. Put it on the calendar and make sure you do it. It won’t take long and it will be a very valuable exercise in the long run. Our lives and circumstances change. Our routines should change with them. Just because something has served us well over the past few weeks and months, doesn’t mean it will continue to do so. Which brings up a good point…

When you sit down to review your morning routine (or any routine or habit you’ve been working on for that matter), ask yourself this:

Is it working? Is it working really well?

If it is, simply carry on. If it isn’t, it may be time to make some changes and tweak it until you find something that works well for you right now.

Another way to look at it is to find what you love and what you hate about the new morning routine. Change it accordingly until you get as close as possible to loving everything about it and still getting the results you want.

Remember, this morning routine will change and evolve over time as you, your circumstances, and the people in your life change and evolve. Embrace the changes and look at them as a sign that you’re making progress.

Keep tweaking and improving your morning routine and don’t be afraid to mix up your goals for it. Maybe you started out by making exercise a priority first thing in the day. As time goes by and you become more fit and make time for it later in the day, your focus may shift to Bible study, or learning a new language. Keep evolving, keep changing, and keep using those precious first few hours of each day to establish some positive change in yourself and those around you.

Morning Makeover Challenge #7: Yay! You did it! You have created a routine and have the plans in place to make it a habit! Pop over to the Facebook Page to tell us what you found most helpful, and what you would have liked to see more of. AND make sure that you schedule in a  “routine review” in your planner or bullet journal! I am so glad that you came along on this journey and I hope you learned a lot! Next month we will tackle decluttering in a big way! Stay tuned!

My Summer Skincare Routine with Burt’s Bees + Grove Collaborative

Ok ladies! We JUST made over our mornings, are you ready to make over your skincare routine? Summer is a great time to experiment with cutting back on beauty steps.  During the summer, I find myself using fewer products and spending less time primping and prepping. In fact, if you were to drop by my house, you’d most likely find me running around barefaced. Heck, I even forgo makeup at work! So for me, it’s all about fuss-free natural products that can multi-task.

That’s why I’m in love with this Personal Care Set from Grove Collaborative. Grab your free set of Burt’s Bees cleansing towelettes + lip crayon + body lotion + Grove Collaborative hand cream with your first order of $20. Then take a peek at my tips for fresh, glowy summer skin:

Sunscreen: I’m big on sunscreen. A look at my pale skin will tell you why 😉 I’m ordering some Burt’s bees BB Cream with SPF 15 in my next Grove box.

Cleansing Towelettes: Unfortunately, sunscreen + sweat can leave you feeling a little greasy by the end of the day. I always grab one of these Burt’s Bees towelettes and wipe off my sunscreen when I come inside. No rinsing needed! And kind of a refreshing feeling!

Gloss lip crayon: As I mentioned, I don’t like to wear lots of makeup in the summer. Melty lipstick and raccoon eyes are not cute! Instead, I swipe on this Burt’s Bees gloss lip crayon in Pacific Coast. It gives just the right amount of bright berry color and keeps lips comfortable. Plus, how fun is this chubby crayon?

Make this:

DIY cooling face mist: You know I love a good DIY. Fill a small spray bottle ¾ of the way with water and add ½ tsp. of witch hazel. Then add 5-6 drops of essential oil — my favorite combo is 2 drops peppermint + 2 drops orange + 2 drops rosemary essential oil. Shake it up and store in in the fridge so it’s extra refreshing!

Body lotion: Summer body lotion should be light, but also super moisturizing since all that time in the pool can leave your skin parched. Slather on this Burt’s Bees body lotion, which is made with nourishing baobab oil! I’m hooked on the super clean scent.

Hand cream: Our family is “blessed” with super dry hands–all year long. This Burt’s Bees hand cream helps heal cracks and scratches.  Quick tip: Once I’m done rubbing it in, I run my hands over my hair. What’s leftover of the lotion smoothes down any frizz and flyways!

Water: My motto  is hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Each family member has their own bottle in the fridge so there is always cold water at the ready!(It doesn’t hurt to add a slice of lime and a sprig of mint, either.)

Bonus tip: While you’re overhauling your makeup bag, why not streamline the rest of your summer routine? I order all my household staples like Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap, Method dish soap refills, Method toilet cleaner (seriously, the best stuff ever, and gentle enough I can trust my kids to clean the bathroom!), and glass spray bottles from Grove Collaborative. They ship the best natural products (carbon offset) right to your doorstep, on your schedule. I order a box every month, but you can choose what schedule works for you!

Don’t forget, this offer from Grove Collaborative ends August 13, so grab your free Personal Care Set now  with your first order of $20! You’ll also be signed up for the free 60 day VIP trial. For 60 days, save even more with free shipping, free gifts, price matching, exclusive sales and personal service. Some of my favorite products (Like Grove Collaborative hand cream) are products I first got for free as a VIP customer! (FREE is my favorite price point!)

Morning Makeover: The Importance of Habits and Routines


With your new morning game plan figured out, it’s time to not only put it into action, but make it your new morning routine. Why is this important? Because you want to make sure your new plan happens every morning without fail and turning it into a routine is the best way to make sure that happens.

Before something becomes a habit or a routine, it takes a lot of willpower to make things happen. That’s energy that you will need for other things throughout your morning and busy rest of the day. Yes, it will take some willpower, mental energy, and drive at first to create the new morning habits, but once they are set, they will become automatic like brushing your teeth before bed. Give it time. Conventional wisdom says it takes 21 days to make a new habit–which is why I started this challenge about a month before school starts for the year in most of the country!

Once you come up with a good working morning routine, stick to it for a few weeks. That’s the best way to turn it into a strong habit. Before long, it will feel like the new normal and you will  no longer have to remind yourself to do each thing along the way. It will have become a habit and a routine you’ll follow automatically. It will take a lot less effort and mental pep-talk to get things done… even if your new routine includes a 30 minute run, or getting up at the crack of down to work on your most important business task for an hour.

Watch out for the moments when you slip back into your old habits and routines. It’s going to happen. The key is to catch it early and get back on track as quickly as possible. For example, let’s say you’ve been doing well with waking up 30 minutes earlier and going for a run before you start your day. Then, one day, you oversleep and can’t fit your run in. Or, the weather turns too bad, you get sick or hurt, or something else pops up that keeps you from going on that run. That’s life. It happens. What’s important is what you decide to do the next morning.

Your most important job when life gets in the way of your new morning routine is to get back on track as quickly as possible. Do what you can as soon as you notice the disruption. If the weather is bad, do a quick workout at home, or head to the gym to run on the treadmill. If you overslept, try to squeeze in a few minutes of devotions or doing something to grow your business before you get back to the rest of your day. Most importantly, get back on track with your regular morning routine as soon as possible. Get back into your new habits the next morning if possible. Actively remind yourself to get back on track for a few days until it routine is firmly back in place. You’ll be glad you did when you start to see the results you’ve been hoping for.

Morning Challenge Task #6:  Did you try out your new morning routine today? How did it work? Take a few minutes to check what worked and what didn’t and anticipate some of the roadblocks you may face in creating this new habit. Then plan a few tactics to overcome those roadblocks. Once you complete these tasks, head over to the Facebook page to share your progress with the group!

Morning Makeover: Your New Morning Gameplan

Now that you have a pretty good idea of what you want to do in the morning, what you don’t want to or need to do, and where to find the extra time needed, it’s time to put it all together in a new morning game plan.

The best place to start is with the new set of tasks that are most important to you. Figure out a preliminary time during which you want to get them accomplished. If your goal is to go for a run in the morning, you may decide to do that first thing before getting a shower and having breakfast. If your goal is to have a devotional time  each morning, you may decide it would work best after you’ve had a cup of coffee, or maybe even with it. If your goal is to find some time for reading or your favorite hobby in the morning, you could carve out some time before everyone else gets up. The same goes for wanting time in the morning to work on your business or learn something new. I know that I get the bulk of my blog and social media work done first ting in the morning.

Then, work the rest of your morning chores around these new plans. It may take some shuffling around and mixing up of your current routine, but with a little creative thinking and a bit of flexibility, I’m sure you can come up with a working plan!

Making over your morning and turning it into a new routine isn’t something that comes naturally to most of us. It takes a little while to get into the groove of things.

We’ll look at this in a little more detail next week. For now, my suggestion is that you write your new morning game plan down.  Devote some space to it in your planner or bullet journal. It’s easy to forget what you’re planning to do. Writing it down will not only give you a reference to refer back to, but also solidify your new plan in your mind.

Put the note, or notebook where you jotted down your new plan on your night table or somewhere else where you’ll see it first thing in the morning. It will serve as a reminder of what you’re intending to do and do differently in the mornings.

Even though you’ve written your plan down, it’s important to realize it’s not written in stone. These well-laid out plans don’t always work when put into action. Adjust it and make changes as needed until you come up with a new morning game plan that works well for you and the rest of your family. Once you have that it’s time to make it the new routine… something we’ll talk more about next week!

Whew! We made it through 5 days of our 7 day challenge! It is time to relax and recharge for the weekend, but I will see you back here first thing Monday morning!

But first:

Morning Challenge Task #5:  Determine what new tasks you are going to add into your routine, and write down the timeline or workflow of your routine in your planner or bullet journal. Once you complete these tasks, head over to the Facebook page to share your progress with the group!