Jan 26 2016

February Working Mom Meal Plan

working mom meal plans

  I have not been so excited about a blog project in a long time. I get to share my love of meal planning (along with some of the detective work that goes along with it) and my love of teaching my friends how to eat better for less money, and my love of cooking …

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Jan 25 2016

New Working Mom Meal Plan Debuts this Week!

Working Mom Meal Plans

  I’m a planner. Sometimes the planning is more fun ┬áthan the doing for me. I really enjoy cooking and I love getting tasty, healthy, affordable meals on the table for my husband and six kids. But I know that the planning part does not come easily for everyone. And I know that meal planning …

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Jan 14 2016

Filling out my winter wardrobe with Gordmans–gift card giveaway!

Although I have had my “new job” for almost three years now, I am still fine-tuning my work wardrobe. It takes a lot to transition from “mommy wardrobe” to office wardrobe. I have taken baby steps and feel like I am finally coming into a sense of style. We are so fortunate to be living …

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Jan 12 2016

Coming Clean in the New Year

Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Kit

I spent Saturday packing away Christmas. That is always a bittersweet time. When I set up all of the Christmas decorations, I love how warm and cozy my house feels. However, by January 6, I feel like my walls are starting to close in! Quick tip: I wait to put up our “everyday decorations” for …

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Dec 30 2015

Wrapping up 2015

This has been a year of changes, but, then again, what year is not?  My babies are in kindergarten. (Kindergarten y’all!) They are back at the sweet Lutheran school that all four boys attended for at least part of their elementary school careers. The girls are soooo much younger than their brothers that I hardly …

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