1. Already forcing me to answer hard questions. I think I’m going to love this. So far this morning, my main effort has been digging around in my piles of clutter and thinking I can’t get anywhere because there is too much to tackle. That’s a dangerous mindset, so I am going to tackle at least one thing and tidy up one area because I know it will help.

  2. Beth Wanicki

    I went through a few kitchen cabinets, my refrigerator, my work bag and my crochet bag today since I was off work today. Feels good to get started! But thought a lot about the question of why I always need to declutter. I am not a big shopper (except for food–I always overstock on food!), so I don’t think the problem is buying too much stuff. I think procrastination is a big part of it. There are things that the kids have grown out of or no longer use, but instead of tackling a closet or toy room or basement, I simply find something more “important” to do. There’s always other chores that need to be done or a family member that needs help or a volunteer project that needs doing, etc. So it’s easy just to put off the decluttering that I don’t want to do, or that I think I need someone to help me with who isn’t available at that time.

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