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  1. Oh, I know this struggle all too well – this is what I’m working on this year. I just got done posting about fixing our routines. It’s overwhelming sometimes. I often wonder how Moms with more than one child do this – I have one and I feel like it’s nonstop. Two? Four? Six? I can’t even imagine. Our clutter and disorganization is getting the best of us and I’m fighting it. I just read through practically the entire FlyLady website last night. A reader mentioned it in an earlier post of mine last week or early this week and I wanted to see what it was all about. I may need to check out this book, too. I’m interested in the perspective – I’m a naturally disorganized daughter of a naturally hyper-organized mother. I do not know how that didn’t rub off! Thanks for the recommendation – I love knowing going in that this is a tome and more reference than read. That’s helpful for me! Thanks for a timely one!

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