1. I feeI very much the same as you. When I was younger, I longed to be surrounded with friends and “the life of the party”. Now, I much prefer my family and close circle of friends. I’m very comfortable with the introverted me.

  2. A llifelong introvert here! I always knew it but was much happier – or maybe just more comfortable – once I decided that it was fine to be that way. Society likes to convince us that the only way to be is outgoing and extroverted. What you said is about shyness is exactly right. We aren’t always really shy at all. We just prefer the solitude sometimes, perhaps.

    • Yes, I always wondered why the thought of going someplace really crowded and busy made me so tired (think State Fair, etc) I love people and talking, and going places, but I really need space, and quiet.

      • That’s a perfect way to put it – people-heavy places DO make me tired. Even places I enjoy visiting can be exhausting. Nothing better than coming home after a day like that.

  3. I am definitely an introvert, which is why I love writing about introverts! 🙂 I would much rather be alone than with other people. I am traveling in Peru right now, and find that even being in a square or market with hundreds of people draining – even if I am not talking to them.

    It takes time to accept ourselves for who we are, but when we do….it is awesome.

    By the way, thanks for sharing my list of introverted traits!


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