1. Ethan, Zach, and Emm

    Are you going to send him this? I think you should. You hit the nail on the head, sister! The future scares me, but I know God is in control, and in Him I trust!

  2. The Krumwiede Six

    Pam-What a beautiful letter… I know that we are on different ends of this but I respect your grace and and trust in God…. You are an inspiration to us all….God bless you!Kristin

  3. A Mama's Blog (

    Nice post. I wish more people felt this way, no matter if the president is the person they voted for or not.

  4. Mom

    You never cease to amaze me and make me proud!This is a wonderful letter and I also think it should be sent to him if there is a way.I love you and keep up the good work.Love, Mom

  5. Kristi Heinz

    This is beautifully put. I have never read your blog before, but after the comment you posted on mine, I am excited to find you! I will add you to my list when I have more time. I love the look of your blog! Did you design it or have someone do it for you?

  6. margie

    The only thing that concerns me is the part where you equate Obama with a neglectful or abusive parent. It doesn't fit. I did however enjoy your last paragraph.

  7. Joy

    Anyone who would encourage his own daughters to abortion lest they be "burdened with an out-of-wedlock child" IS neglectful and abusive.

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