And Sometimes, God Gives You More Than What You Ask For

This Sunday in Sunday School I taught the kids about Solomon. I taught them that God told Solomon that he could ask for anything, and that God would grant it. Solomon asked for wisdom, to lead Israel. God was so pleased that Solomon did not ask for riches, or fame, or a long life, but instead asked for a wise and understanding heart, that he not only granted him wisdom, but the other things as well.

This Spring, we asked God for one more child. Matt added that a girl would be nice. Today, in our 20 week ultrasound (I’ll be 22 weeks on Friday) we found out that God has blessed us with not one girl, but two.
We are still processing this news, and I am processing the fact that I went from a standard pregnancy to a high risk pregnancy in less than an hour, but mostly, we are over the moon with delight.
Now we ask for a healthy, full term, uneventful pregnancy.
I’m on my way to Michigan tomorrow, to visit some dear college friends…I may be able to post while there, but I may be too tired:) So, until next time, be thankful for your blessings!

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  1. Awe, Pam, congrats!!! The best advice I ever received was to keep them on the same schedule. It went against everything I knew… you NEVER wake a sleeping baby. But if you don't, you'll never sleep. When one would wake up in the night to eat, the other one would be woke up to eat as well. You just have to do it. I'm so happy for you!!!

  2. Are you the one that asked one time what our favorite blog posts from you were? Planning to post them again? Well, if you were, this is my very favorite blog post from you! Congratulations again!

  3. Hey, Pam.

    We are so thrilled for you guys. Twins are awesome. I should know!! My twin and I have such a special bond which started in the womb. This is just so exciting. I called my twin earlier to tell her the good news!

    Keep us posted on your "high risk" pregnancy as you go forward.

  4. As a twin girl mommy, I won't lie…there are trying times, but they are worth every single moment of it. From tandum (sp??) nursing, to co-sleeping( did you know you can 'stack' um so you can sleep while you nurse), to the friends for life… it just goes on and on… Congratulations my friend!!!

  5. YAAAYYY!!!! I wish I hadn't read this–now I'll be too excited to sleep! You sleep, sister! And eat! Wooo-hooo!!! We'll pray for you at women's Bible study tomorrow. Love you tons!

  6. That is amazing! I've been following your blog as I'm about 1 week farther than you, but I can't believe it's 2 little girls!! How exciting and definitely surprising, but wonderful! Congrats!!

  7. What an unexpected blessing. . .and they will never have to ask my daughter's perpetual question: Why can't I have a sister? 🙂
    Take it easy. . .you're eating and sleeping for *three* now!

  8. This may be partly my fault-I've been praying really hard for you to be blessed with a girl! I'll continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy.

    When I started to read this post, I had forgotten that the ultrasound was today. I had listened to the SS talk by Pam Nielsen on Issues Etc. that discussed this Sunday School lesson. I started to skim the first paragraph and was reminded of what Pam had said in that talk. Then when I read the next paragraph I had to control myself so I didn't wake up anyone! This news made my day!

    So, I have several friends who had the child of the gender they really wanted this year. Now to continue praying for those who are childless.

    Don't you think it's great that you have older boys to help with twins?

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