1. Pam, your list is wonderful! I am also a mama with special needs and although I am good about doing most things on the list, some I either overlook or just hadn’t thought about doing for myself. This one: “I need to keep my hands open to receive drops of joy” is the one I wrote on my whiteboard to give me a constant reminder! Thanks for this beautiful post : )

  2. Hi Emily! You are so strong — God is so strong — to help you through that time in both your lives! You are right, the first thing we need to do each morning is to brace ourselves and pray for the day ahead. Yes, I have “normal” and annoying complaints of my toddler not eating and throwing tantrums before dinner, but even those seemingly small problems weigh heavy on my patience, so I DO need God. Today, on the way home from daycare, I prayed to God in the car for patience with my son. And you know what? God answered amazingly! I kept my cool :). Praise God for all the lessons He teaches us in the “low” times so that we can come out the other side stronger! Great list, Emily, for everyone!!!

    • Yes Lisa, I think sometimes a prayer, especially when you knwo the going may be tough with our kids, really helps. And I am so blessed to have such easy access to Emily’s wisdom:)

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