Bullet Journal for the Absolute Beginner: Monthly Spread

Do you want to start at the very beginning? Here is where Bullet Journal for the Absolute Beginner starts!

Today during our ‘How to Start a Bullet Journal’ series, you are going to learn about the next page of your bullet journal – the monthly spread.

As you know by now, everything we are talking about in this series is optional.

However, the monthly spread does tend to be a popular choice as it helps you see your month at a glance, from events and important dates to appointments and schedules. I cannot imagine my Bujo without a monthly spread!

Bullet Journal Monthly spread

Setting Up the Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

First of all, keep in mind that it is helpful to use two pages for your monthly spread. When you open up your bullet journal to the monthly section, it should have two full pages side by side. There are a few different ways to do this, depending on how much you use the calendar layout, versus a task or to-do list. Here are some ideas:

  • Use both pages for the monthly calendar, writing appointments and events in each day of the calendar, and leaving just a small area for additional notes on the side.
  • Have the left page of the spread be the monthly calendar, while the right side includes lists of birthdays, appointments, events, and other notes. You can also reverse these.
  • Keep the calendar on the top of both pages, while the notes are organized and near the bottom of the pages.

I keep a fairly minimalist bullet journal, so a one-page spread works for me. (Full disclosure: our large family still relies heavily on a Google Calendar to manage many of our appointments, so my bujo contains my personal dates and appointments as well as events that involve several members of the family at once)

You can use the monthly spread only for special dates and appointments coming up, or you can also include sections for your specific interests. For example, a section where
you make goals for things like fitness, weight loss, budgeting, and work goals.

Now that you understand a little more about the Monthly Spread, you are fully prepared to set it up. If you have your Future Log written, this should be a breeze! Next time we will talk a little more about your Monthly Task List, to really perfect this layout.

Want to start at the very beginning? 

Here are some great examples of Monthly Bullet Journal Spreads:


How to create a bullet journal monthly spread


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