Bullet Journal For the Absolute Beginner: Monthly Task List

Welcome back to the Bullet Journal for Absolute Beginners series! Last time, you learned about creating a monthly spread – one of the most popular page layouts for this type of journal. Today, I want to go over the monthly layout one more time, but delve into the Task List a little more.

This page is one of my very favorites. It helps me keep all of my may spinning plates spinning! It is a great place for me to put a quick note when my husband calls to remind me of “one more thing” to remember to do. I refer to this page in my journal nearly every morning as I plan my day. Here are some tips for working on that handy Monthly Task List as part of your Monthly Spread.

Bullet Journal Monthly Task List

Keep it Separate from the Monthly Spread

While this will depend on the layout and the amount of space you have in your bullet journal, it helps to have it separate from your monthly calendar spread. The exception is if you believe your task list to be relatively short. Otherwise, you might want to save an entire page aside from the monthly spread for just the task list. Include everything you want to get done in that month, from events and appointments you have to phone calls you need to make, personal and business tasks, and anything else that is important. I tend to have several different lists within my Monthly Task List–a list for work, family, personal, and even dreaded chores. I try and color code them, but some months are just rushed and nothing fancy happens. that is ok too!

Be as Detailed as Possible

You should also try to be more detailed with your monthly task list. In the regular monthly spread, the boxes for each day of the month are pretty small, so you just list an event or something that needs to be done on that day. However, with a task list, you are given the opportunity to be more thorough and add more details. When listing each task, try to give some notes or information about what is required of that task, what you need, or how much time it might take. If a task is very complicated, such as an event I am planning, I set up the big list for that event on a new page and cross reference it on my Task List.

Adjust it as Needed

Don’t be afraid to erase or add more to your monthly task list as the month goes on. Nobody has a perfect month, so you should be open and flexible to making changes as needed.

Remember, this is YOUR bullet journal, you can keep things as simple or as fancy as you want. Some months I have time for lots of washi tape and cute doodles and stickers. . .maybe even some fancy lettering and some months the best I can do is scribble my notes in mechanical pencil. Make this bullet journal work for you!

Now that you know about the monthly calendar spreads, you will learn about the Weekly Spread next time.

Some More Task List Inspiration:


I’d love to see what kind of list layouts you create! Please share in the comments, or on the Facebook page!
How to Design a Bullet Journal Monthly Task List

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