1. Awesome!! You made cake on a camping trip! I never thought of trying that!
    With your adventures I am reminded that we should do things like that with our family!
    Maybe sometime we can camp with the Thompson clan to learn first hand how it is done!

    • That would be fun! I know that not everyone wants to spend a lot of time cooking when they camp…but I love cooking and food. My cake was not decorated though:) Not even frosting. That was OK!

  2. I second the serving bowls and serving platters! If it weren’t for you and your paper plates, we would have had a problem. 🙂

    I’m definitely going to make some changes for our next camping trip. Too many brats! (But not if you ask Burnsie.) I would have happily had some chili and beef stew. (Yours was delicious, by the way.) Next time I’d like to bring some packaged soups, too, like the Bear Creek brand. Variety is good when you’re camping, that’s for sure.

    • Your husband is the bratwurst king! The kids kept talking about that for the next week! I would have added Bear Creek potato soup, but, honestly, I am the only one who really likes it (it was on sale for cheap in town too!)

      I’m going to toss another bowl and a platter in my camp cooking tote tomorrow, we’ll be ready for next time!

  3. You guys are great campers!!! I’ve never been a big camper so we don’t really camp but looks fun:). Enjoyed reading this post!! Stopping by via SITS

    • Camping is a good fit for larger families. It helps that all of the boys (and my husband) are Boy Scouts, so they can do all of the set up, etc.

      Thanks for stopping by! Come again soon!

  4. Born27

    This is very helpful post! Me and my family are planning for a camping next week and i will surely follow all the tips that you’ve shared with us here . Thanks and keep up the good work.

  5. lisacng

    You eat better than us and we’re at home ;). You guys are rockstars! PS. Your comment form isn’t remembering my info :(. Sorry I haven’t been by for a while.

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