Time Management

I am starting to feel the critical load of motherhood, and all of my other vocations. In my old life, when the Rev pastored a large congregation, I could melt into the background, bake an occasional pan of bars, teach Sunday School when I felt ready to do so, and make an occasional pot of […]

On Not Being A Screamer

I get a lot of feminine wisdom from this blog. Last week there was a blog post written, entitled Screamers. It began as a caution against raising screaming children, but ended as chastisement against women being “screamers”, or as my dear sweet Rev would so kindly put it, “over reactors”. It hit a bit close […]


I’ve been thinking about vocation lately. Martin Luther’s view on vocation is that we serve Christ, by doing what we do, doing it well, and therefore serving your neighbor. This view of vocation has been especially comforting to me in my journey of motherhood. I have a college degree, yet I have not worked full […]