1. Rachel

    Pam, I love your blogs by the way… I think you’re doing a remarkable job establishing holiday traditions within your own family unit. If kids grow up having fun and enjoying holidays with their families, they’ll be more likely to carry on similar traditions and want to come back home to spend holidays with their parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, etc. as adults. I grew up spending holidays in the car, driving to two sets of grandparents, visiting with aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. and I loved it. But as an adult, my parents, brother and I don’t really have our OWN traditions to bring us together as an extended family. So my husband and I are making a conscious effort to spend actual Christmas Eve/day in our own home (at least while our kids are still young)and we visit extended family the weekend before/after Christmas. While I do plan to be flexible on how we celebrate holidays when my boys have families of their own, I do hope we’ll have a good stockpile of traditions and memories to draw us close in the years ahead!

    If memory serves, won’t this be “Babies’ First Christmas” for your twins? (Aren’t they January babies?) Enjoy and God bless!

    • Yes, it will be the girls’ first Christmas and we are so excited! We were a little nervous that last Christmas would have been their first, and that would have been too early!

      I too really like to celebrate in my home, which I think we’ll have to respect when the kids are grown and in homes of their own.

  2. That sometimes people don’t believe in God and are put off by a football player spending two seconds to kneel and point to the heavens as he thanks God for his ability to play football. It saddens me that the nonbelievers are making this world so that Christians have problems when they worship God. Didn’t the Pligrims come to America so they can worship God as they please?

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