1. I hit post comment too soon, sorry. Ethan and I talked about it yesterday too. As we drove to church the moment of silence was played on the radio, and I broke down. So we talked about it. Dan had shown the boys some footage last week, too. I think it’s so important for our children to understand what happened that day. And I agree with you, that it should be more about the heroes and less about the terrorists. Well written, friend.

    • It is important, for sure, but in some ways I feel like I killed a bit of his innocence. But I knew that I did not want 9/11 to just be a term he heard tossed around, with no background context.

  2. We had the same conversation with Delainey yesterday…even though she is almost 8. We too focused on the heroes and not the terror of the day…. she cried more than I expected her too…. and when questioned why she was so sad, she could only comment on how some kids never met their daddies 🙁

  3. Treasa

    Thanks for sharing Pam!!! We do need to focus on all the heros in our Blessed America, and all those who lost loved ones, suddenly that day! ((((hugggs))))

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