1. Ma.Dharess

    You are indeed very proud mom! Well my mom has 8 children and we are all grown-up now…We have successful families and she is very proud of us…I am going to be a mom soon so good luck for me…

  2. Gracie

    I have really bad childhood. My both mom and dad died when I was 3 and I m living with my uncle and aunt who are jerks. Every child gets toys, good food, etc but I never got anything. They have a daughter but they make me to do all work like cook food. I m still dependent on them because I m 19 now and studying. But I m gratefull to them because they kept me.

    • Gracie,

      I am sorry to hear of your hardships. The good news is that we can overcome our pasts! It sounds like you are on the right track! Keep studying and you will be independent before you know it!

  3. Tks for sharing. Kids do need a lot of encouragement. The balance must be struck between over praising and giving them a sense of entitlement or even fear of failing. And the tips for teens is something I’m filing away!

    • When the boys were younger I read a helpful article on overpraising. It suggested changing the wording for the praise. Instead of “you’re so smart” say “look how hard you worked to get a good grade.”. It made a lot of sense and I try to remember that when praising my kids.

  4. Brien27

    My mom is proud with my sister and I, cause she know we study well for our future..We give her a love and care. So thankful to have a complete family to share a foods for one table.

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