1. Melinda

    I try to wait until after Thanksgiving to turn on the Christmas music, but I have to say that I jumped the gun by a few days this year!

  2. You know me, I’m early with everything Christmas. Downstairs tree was decorated on Thanksgiving. 🙂 And I started listening to Christmas music a couple weeks after Halloween. BUT. My excuse is that we put Christmas stuff away right after Christmas to keep Ethan’s birthday separate. Does that count?

  3. BJ Simon

    As a Lutheran, also, and church organist, I listen to Christmas music as soon as it comes on the music station on the TV listed as songs for the season. As far as Advent music goes, you know as I do, that those are not the choicest pieces of music nor are they familiar to those other than Lutheran. Some of the newer Advent hymns in the new hymnals are a little better than the old dreary ones we use year after year. I am formerly from Minnesota ( a long time ago). BJ

  4. We usually start around the first week of December. ..definitely not until after Thanksgiving has died down though. You are so right about the kids’ preparations being infectious. So true. We are just now thinking about it as our dsughter is back to school and they are in full christmas preparation at school. What I love though is that her school places a huge focus on the waiting period of Advent as well. Best of both worlds.

    • P.S. … We always listen past Christmas and into January. I hate that just as soon as the day of Christ’s birth celebration has arrived, the media erases all traces of Christmas just as we should begin to celebrate.

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