1. Angelica Grannis

    My best cleaning tip is to keep the kids involved. For a long time I felt like I was just their maid. Definitely teach them how to clean from a young age. It teaches responsibility and it helps a mama’s sanity.

  2. Yvonne Davis

    It’s a good idea to clean with organic and natural cleaners. Thanks for the tips and the discount on epantry. I will look into the deal! 🙂

  3. Christina Anne

    My tip is to have a checklist and use a timer…like give myself 5 min to clean my room…I move much faster this way. I also love Mrs. Meyer’s sink scrub powder…leave it on my sink surface for 5 minutes and it whitens it up:)
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  4. Angela Saver

    My favorite cleaning tip is to make my own cleaner with equal parts of Dawn Dishsoap, vinegar & lemon juice & mix it up in a spray bottle, then use it to clean the shower door & bathroom sinks & faucets! It is amazing!

  5. My cleaning tips is to do a cleaning checklist for the day or the whole week. I like to make my things in order and to organize my task. Thanks for the great post!

  6. Good tip on the decorations! We are always putting the same old stuff back up after the holidays. I am interested in the mrs. meyer’s products. We use them all the time at our cleaning company (along with citra solv). How do the sponges work?

  7. Havent had a chance to use Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap, bet it works fine on the greese. I usually organize by cleaning into tasks and do a checklist as i go along. This easily brings about sense of accomplishment.

  8. Using quality cleaning products should be the priority of everyone because it is the matter of your health. If place is cleaned with harmless products it will surely impact positively on health. Cleaning before the new year should be done with the help of someone expert. They can make this task perfect. Thanks for the post.

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