The Top 6 Reasons I’m not Commenting on Your Blog

Get any group of bloggers together and you will hear a common theme ring out. Bloggers want more comments on their posts.

Seems pretty simple right?

No one wants to speak, or write, to an empty room.

As bloggers we not only want people to read what we write, we want people to respond and interact with us about our writing.

But, dear fellow bloggers, you are making it really hard for me to comment on your blogs.

Here are the Top 6 reasons that I’m not commenting a whole lot on your blog:

1. Your comment platform is too hard to use.

Whether it be Intense Debate, Discus, or LiveFyre, all of the “neat features” that compelled you to install it on your blog is what keeps me from commenting. First off, the comment platforms slow down your blog, and secondly, it is often confusing to comment on these platforms (and I am a seasoned blogger, if it is hard for me, it is near impossible to someone new to blogdom). Quick example. I was at another blog today for the first time. Something she wrote resonated with me and I thought I had something to add to the conversation. So I clicked on the “reply” button and typed my comment. Then I was taken to a LiveFyre sign on page and I attempted to sign in as a guest, leaving name, email and website url. I was then directed to another screen asking for my password as I had already registered with this platform. Then I could not come up with my password and had to send for a re-set. The email was slow in coming so I tried signing on with Facebook or Twitter to comment and kept getting the same message that I already had a livefyre account. I finally gave up and decided to not leave my comment.

2. I’m Sick of Captcha Codes

Call me impatient, but those little captcha codes at the end of your comment forms are a turn-off. Sure, you are getting fewer spam comments (maybe), but you are also getting fewer legitimate comments. I turned off my captcha code options long ago and did not see any significant spam comment increase. On some blogs, the captcha verification comes up After I have submitted my comment and have clicked out of the page, so I left you a comment, but you never got it.

3. I can’t find your comment form.

Your template and design is lovely. You have wonderful things to say. If I can’t find a way to comment in less than 30 seconds I give up. Make it easy for me to find a way to comment. Don’t hide your comment link under a cute icon. I might not get it.

4. Your Spam Filter is set way too high.

I understand. Spam annoys me as much as it annoys you. however, if your filter is set that unless I am your BFF my comment can’t get past your filter, then you lose my comment.

5. I hate that you moderate your comments.

I see the comment section as a  “real-time” conversation. Joe comments on your post, Susie chimes in and agrees with Joe on all but one point, Barb jumps in and adds her thoughts. It is a conversation. If you have your comments set up to await moderation then you lose that conversational feel. It is disheartening for a reader to go through the trouble to type out a thoughtful comment and then get a notice that it will appear on the site once it is approved. Once again, sure it cuts down on spam comments, but at the cost of cutting down on insightful comments as well.

6. I don’t think that you read my comments.

If I peek in your comment section and see that it is a lot of comments from your reader, and no response from you, I’m not sure I have much to add to a one-sided conversation.

There you have it! I’m no comment snob and I love to leave my thoughts around the internet, but if you were wondering why you’ve not seen much of me on your blog, this is probably why.

If you are fearful of specific negative people leaving comments on your blog, an easier way to block them is to block their specific IP. There is a simple way to do this on Word Press and I’m sure on blogger as well. I spend a bit of time each day weeding out spammy comments, but I’ve begun saving them up to share the best ones with you!

Chime in! What keeps you from commenting on blogs? What makes you want to come back and add more to the conversation?


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Written by Dakotapam
I'm a Lutheran pastor's wife and mom to six kids, including young adult sons down to 8-year old twin daughters. My life is sometimes normal, and sometimes crazy; but through it all, I know that I am blessed! Some people say that I have my hands full, I prefer to call it living life with both hands full, and I love it!