1. YUMMY! Just printed the recipe, going to whip these up this afternoon after work. AND GUESS WHAT? My children will eat everything in those cookies! (YES. ETHAN EATS RAISINS.)

    • I even eat raisins in cookies, but only in cookies. I hate to bake, but this was super easy! Kind of a healthy take on the monster cookies! Let me know how the kids like them!

  2. Pam, I read this and your first Cheerios Breakfast Project post and I’m convinced.

    We do breakfast, which is big because pre-Kidzilla, the Hub and I used to skip it altogether. Not good. With Zilla in the picture, we do breakfast but it’s disjointed. I take a smoothie on the run in the car, Zilla eats in the kitchen while her Dad packs her lunch, and he eats by himself after he drops her off at school.

    We could do better. Seeing on the Cheerios site that it really only needs to take seven minutes to sit together made me wonder why we aren’t doing this. We do family dinner at night – it’s rare that we don’t. So why not start the day with that important connection, too.

    This really fits well with my goals and plans for this year. I love it. Thanks!

    OH! And how about dried cranberries or blueberries in those cookies instead of raisins? Just a thought.

    • Yes, breakfast has been pretty disjointed at our place too. . . especially on week days. I think spending some intentional time together in the morning will help our day start a little smoother. I think just about any dried fruit will work on those cookies. . .even some chopped dried apricot. . .hmmm.

  3. Loved this yummy yummy recipe a lot. Loved all the ingredients that are included in it. I just love to taste them . And they are healthy too. Hope this will serve as the best breakfast one could have. As break fast is the more important thing in our diet, we need to make it more healthy and you made it yummy too ……… 🙂 🙂

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