1. Pam, I love this – all good ideas and so many things we do here. We always have fruit and vegetables available and things like string cheese, meat and cream cheese, etc. are always good options. I’ve taken to making my own granola or protein bars, too. Sometimes they are the best thing for an after-school snack before an activity or for those mornings where breakfast time did not go as planned. It’s far less expensive than buying boxes of bars – especially if you want good ingredients – and then I control what’s in them. We do have food sensitivity issues – our daughter can not have artificial food dyes or HFCS and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you they are in EVERYTHING! So doing the homemade, whole foods options is kind of a necessity for her anyway.
    I think I most love your spin on junk food. While I’m happy to do healthy, whole foods, and organic where possible, I’m not so rigid that I can’t enjoy a little junk food, just like everyone else. Chips DO taste really good and we’ve found some really good ones, too. Pretzels are kind of a staple here – we all love them.
    Looking forward to more of these posts!

  2. Great snacks, I always make sure I have some frozen berries, they take no time at all to thaw and they’re amazing for the kids when they want a tasty snack.

  3. Tom Bo

    Awesome idea that can easily come into (wait for it) fruition. I would really suggest to anyone to invest in a solid mixer or food processor since they will ideally be dealing with fruits and other fresh ingredients when it comes to the kiddie snacks. Sooner or later kids will grow out of their seemingly obsessive taste of junk food.

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