1. Jennifer N

    I had to share something we heard in Bible study yesterday. The three things to consider before words leave your mouth: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it neccessary? As far as at our house we try to stick to Jesus' example of the two greatest laws. To love God and to love others. The most practical way we do that is to not speak unkindly or act unkindly towards others.
    I've so enjoyed reading your blog and the kids are thrilled to see the babies after praying for them.

  2. Untamed Shrew

    I'm enjoying this time while the kids are young enough that church doesn't have to be a rule…yet. They are happy to get dressed up. There are doughnuts after church and then they see friends in Sunday school. I know it won't always be this easy.

    Church was my way of life growing up, especially during the teen years. It didn't matter what I'd done Saturday night or what hour I got home–that was a separate issue. Nothing excused me from being in church. I am grateful for that lesson and intend to pass it on to my offspring.

  3. wilsonpop

    Another good post…

    Let's see, table manners – big; not putting dirty clothes in the laundry – big; not getting involved in the siblings discipline.

    We don't fight the clothes battle or even eating everything battle and nice clean room battle. My mom did, and it was constant battle. (Though my kids are old enough to at least try whatever we're serving.)

  4. Morningglory

    In my House, we have 2 Major rules.
    1, Chores! I don't feel like I would be doing my job as a mother if I didn't teach my children the Importance of keeping things clean. My Boys clean their rooms sweep the stairs and take out the trash. My Daughter, cleans her room does the dishes, and cleans her bathroom. Mom and dad do the rest 🙂

    2, Manors! I had better be hearing pleases and thank you's every day. Trashy potty mouths are NEVER tolerated! I will stick to this till the day I die. when they are 40 and in my house they WILL watch what they say. I feel I'm doing a wonderful job as they are using their manors in school to. I get notes from teachers saying what a pleasure they are to have in their class rooms.
    I must say I'm a pretty proud Mom. 🙂

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