1. Dakotapam

    Thanks Gayle. You are right, the whole family benefits from healthier eating.I do struggle with the whole milk thing, since there are so many conflicting studies on full fat milk. BUT our favorite milk here comes from a local dairy and is minimally processed and has no hormones or antibiotics. It also, oddly enough is often cheaper than the commercial brands of whole milk and is light years cheaper than organic milk. So, whole milk it is. I figure the kids re not drinking gallons a day of it…we go through two gallons a week.I think if we saw nutrition facts on more of the foods we eat when out, we would never touch them…like when I found that Mountain Dew, Squirt and Fresca all contain vegetable oil…I've never craved any of them again!

  2. Gayle

    We're going to watch the movie Food Inc too. I wonder what's at the root of it all … corn? less active lifestyles? I dunno, but I think one issue is our demand for cheap food. I think we spend a smaller percentage on food than most (all?) nations. Maybe if we all kept to the same budget but higher quality food (assuming that would mean a little less quantity) would be a start.

  3. Gayle

    When I lost 50 pounds (the healthy way), the benefit wasn't just to my self esteem but to our entire family, and I hope, generations to come.

    Cautionary tale – even on 1500 cals a day and regular exercise, almost half of that weight has snuck back on during menopause. Very discouraging that even when actually dieting, it made no difference.

    My fav writing on food distills eating down to 3 rules:

    1. eat real food (he'd esp like that you serve whole milk – the way it comes out of the cow)

    2. eat mostly fruits and vegetables

    3. don't eat too much

    When we go to a restaurant, we can't believe what people eat. None of us can eat even a whole entree let alone drinks, appetizers and desserts.

    In California we're fortunate in that chain restaurants must now post calories. I'm afraid we'll be visiting our fav place (Elephant Bar) less, and I don't even want to think what we'll discover in the back of the Olive Garden menu!

    Kudos Pam for bringing this up!

  4. Beth

    Pay the grocer instead of the doctor. What a great post, and really informational for me as we're at the "should we start or wait?" point for solid foods w/ our little one. After going to a wedding last night with overweight kids getting 2nds on wedding cake, this is refreshing. And our you talking about Bessy's Best milk? Great stuff!

  5. Dakotapam

    Yep Beth…we are addicted to Bessies Best. Once I just bought Target milk because I was in a hurry and the kids gave it the thumbs down!I've never regretted delaying solids with my kids. They are all great eaters and have no food allergies. One of the plusses with delayed solids is you can almost go straight to chopped up food from your dinner plate, which is healthier and prepares your son's palate for your cooking…just as breastfeeding does!

  6. Gayle

    When we lived in China and had no access to baby foods, we had the handiest white plastic food grinder. So except for a little cereal (we could find that locally), they basically went from breast milk to whatever we were eating (one new food at a time). And then it was handy to put our whole meal in the grinder for them. Easy as pie (well, easier actually).

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