1. I love this, Pam! I love to cook and plan meals so this is not new to me. We are living on a much tighter budget right now than in the past, though, so I’m on the lookout for things that are inexpensive and cost-effective. I love finding ways to stretch a pound of meat, for example, by adding some veggies, etc. You have some great ideas on here.
    We’ve had the winter fruit salad you have on the list – it’s excellent! We served it as a side for Christmas Day dinner. And if you make enough dressing, you can have the leftovers on salad during the remainder of the week.

  2. I can understand that pleasing six kids is not a simple thing and it’s great to know that you can manage it well. You’re really a super mom. I went through your meal plan and I could find some great dishes there as I too love chicken as a source of delicious protein. I am adding these dishes for my meal plans 🙂

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