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  1. I’ve never thought about what my first thing was before, I guess it would be that I’ve always wanted the boys to come to me with anything, even if it meant not going off on someone for breaking something as long as they told the truth. Also another drumbeat in our family is for them to “be your own man.” We’ve been saying this since they were babies, and so far we have a seven year old who has not begged for video games, lol. (He used to wear neckties to kindergarten almost ever day, his own choice.) Yet I am insane about certain things too—being on time, getting the homework done, practicing the musical instrument (only 20 minutes a day, ha ha.)
    What strikes me about Tiger Mom is that IMO what she is fostering is not so much “discipline” but more just to follow the leader. As a Christian, I don’t want my kids to believe what I believe just because I said so, but to lead them down a righteous and goodly path. I don’t want them to talk the talk in front of me, then turn around and do the opposite when I’m not looking.

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