1. WOW! What a powerful review. Thank you for sharing the story line of the movie – and your thoughts! I think the true testament to any type of art is that the viewer takes action – which you are doing. AWESOME!

  2. After reading your review I can’t wait to see the movie. It sounds like it packs a pretty powerful message. It’s easy, in day to day life, to forget about the struggles going on around us, and it’s easy to not see the unpleasant side of situations.

  3. not heard of this film before, but after reading this and watching the trailer im going to clear some time to see it, thanks for the discovery

  4. Great review! I’ll be sure to check out this movie when it comes out on DVD. They interviewed Vanessa Hudgens at the Oscars and she talked about this movie. It sounded like a movie I would be into.

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