1. Sue

    I felt bad for our Pastor’s family this year. First of all, it’s an extra-busy time anyway. And they just decided to sell their house. Then Pastor got sick late last week – REALLY sick. I was surprised to go to church Thursday night and see him there. You could hear it in his voice. Friday their youngest foster child was sick also and had a febrile seizure (kids are 2, 7, and 9). Pastor was there again Friday night. Sunday he had 2 services to do. He made it through consecrating the bread and wine, and walked clear around the sanctuary to give communion to those unable to make it to the rail. Then another lay minister took over for him. And another person gave the final prayers and benediction because apparently he was losing speech by then. Poor man! The family did attend breakfast and then 2nd service started. I stayed long enough to see the foster children baptized. Yes, they are now part of the body of Christ! And both of their parents were there! I don’t know if Pastor made it through 2nd service without assistance. But I know they felt a lot of joy; not only the resurrection, but the baptisms!

  2. So true. Happy Easter and happy all things new! I’m thankful God is on my side through the dark days and I know He will be when the lighter ones come, too.

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