Have a Zubie New Year!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zubie for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m feeling all gadgety lately. Have a Zubie New Year! 1

One of the hottest new tech products of 2014 is Zubie. Zubie is a mobile service that will allow me to monitor and improve my driving behavior (am I the only one who rides the brakes through town?). The Zubie will also monitor my car’s condition and can help translate engine codes (do I need to take my van in today? Or next week).

Zubie is a service – not an Accessory – that uses a cellular connection to keep you, your car and it’s on-board systems always in communication.

Zubie always-connected service works with our free Zubie app for iOS 4+ and Android 2.3+.

I’m notorious for forgetting to get the oil changed as much as I should. Maybe if the Zubie Mobile service reminds me along with the oil light in my van, I’ll get it done on time!

There is a lot of responsibility with car ownership, and our vehicles are a HUGE investment. As a vehicle owner, I want to take care of my cars faithfully, so they last us a long time!

This is also a great service for families with new drivers. There is a secure location sharing feature, so you can know that your teen is where he said he would be. This app also monitors speeding, sudden acceleration and hard braking.

Just for fun, you can earn driving scores and badges to share with family and friends (I hope there is a driving the speed limit badge! I will totally win that!)

Zubie can help you achieve your New Years Resolutions of Safe Driving and Saving money!

Have a Zubie New Year! Order today with code SAVE20JAN and save 20% on one year of Zubie always-connected car service and a free Zubie Key. A great way to use your Best Buy and Amazon holiday gift cards! Offer good through February 28, 2013. Shipping charges may apply.

use code SAVE20DEC and SAVE 20%

Want to learn more? Check out the Zubie website, like Zubie  on Facebook , and follow Zubie on Twitter.



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