• The Borax does cause a problem for some. We don’t have sensitive skin here, and we use Ivory soap in the bath, so it works fine for us. Let me know how it goes!

  1. Jill Burton

    YAY!!! I’m a huge fan of this laundry detergent…I’m so glad you liked it! I, too, increase the borax and soda…it’s hard to convince people that so little works so well, and people often look for suds in their wash as a sign that something is going to work (which, of course, this does very little)

    Keep on washing!! and Saving!!!

  2. Becky Emter

    I just made my own powder laundry soap last week! I’m still investigating whether I like it or not. The recipe I used only called for 1 cup Borax and 1 cup washing soda along with the full bar of soap (I used Fels-Naptha but I can’t say I’m super crazy about the scent). I’m trying to keep track of how many loads I get out of one batch so I can figure out how much it’s costing per load. I’m sure I’ll forget a few loads here and there!

    • Yes, it was the Fels Naptha scent I was not crazy about. I know our grandmas used to wash soap in Ivory back in the day, so I thought I’d give it another try. I also like that I can get 10 bars of Ivory for about $3.50 (or less with a coupon). Let me know how your results go!

    • And I have no idea of cost per load…I do so many. But I’m guessing I get close to 30 loads per batch.I’ll count this time around, since that batch was made fresh this morning.

  3. I too make my own powdered laundry soap using the same recipe as you but I also use my own handmade goat milk soap instead of store bought. I have my own little soapmaking business so after cleaning and wrapping the bars I have all the scrapes left and turn them into laundry soap!
    We love it!

  4. Coline

    That is interesting. I haven’t actually tried making my own laundry soap and I think will be having my first try later. Thanks for the recipe. 🙂

  5. I just made up a batch yesterday and used it for the first time! I love it – my recipe is a little different though.
    its one part of each of 3 things –
    -Washing Soda
    and then add about 1/2 part of grated bar soap – I used Dial.

    I also made another batch without the grated soap for the Cloth Diapers.

    We will see how it goes. I will be posting about it in the near future.
    The first load was wonderful though!

    • I’ve seen the oxi clean, and may add it if I notice staining, but I don’t. The ivory seems to work fine with the diapers. No smell and no build up. I do sneak a splash of bleach in my dial load every week or so. I mostly notice how much softer my clothes seem to be.

  6. Only 2 Tbs per load. THAT’S impressive. Where do you buy borax? And can I buy grated ivory soap. I don’t want to use my cheese grater. TKS! SAVED for later use. Oh, and this is considered “dye free” right. Baby J as sensitive skin.

    • Since homemade detergent is all the rage now, you can usually find Borax and Washing soda right next to ech other or close by in the laundry additives aisle…like by the oxi clean and Clorox2.

      I think you can get ivory flakes still, but I’m guessing that would not save you as much. I get 10 bars of Ivory soap for $3.50 or so.

      I know the Ivory is dye free…I’d have to check the labels on the others.

  7. You have definitely achieved in having one of the most simple recipes and explanations on homemade laundry soap. I tried it and I have to admit that it worked surprisingly well and left the clothing with just a pure clean feel and smell. I am a fan. I enjoy finding different things online to try that are out of the ordinary and Im so glad that I found your site. Keep the interesting & informative posts coming. Thanks..;-)

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  8. Megan

    I loved the simplicity of your recipe! I just bought the ingredients and am eager to make and try my first batch. Are you using 2 Tbsp for your front loading washer? We have the standard top loading washing machine and I’m wondering if I should use double the amount you use per load…

    • I have a top loading he machine. So, like a front loader, it uses a lot less water. BUT I also run very large loads in it. I would try 2 T fro your top loader and see how the clothes turn out and then increase if needed. There may be some trial and error. Just a heads up though: don’t look for suds to see if it works. This soap has little or no sudsing!

  9. Not that ivory soap is expensive but I do couponing and get that soap for free when some stores have it on sale for a dollar and you have a coupon that doubles to $1.

  10. Peg

    Been making dry detergent for 3 years now. Have my daughter and three of my sisters using it. Will never go back. I have also been making my own soap and have used it in my last batch. Works great! I use equal portions of soap, borax and washing soda.

    • I am so in love with this soap! I’m just glad others enjoy it too! I think retailers are catching on though, last I checked, Borax was an insane price at one of our grocery stores!

  11. I pretty much use this same recipe. I my last batch I switched form Ivory to Zote and I think it has made a difference in cleanliness and smell.

  12. 5xblsd

    SOLD! I have been reading every post out there and you simply read my mind. I was so worried about making several gallons of liquid and not liking it or my family not liking it. Then what do you do? I also am not a fan of the liquid concept. I have a large family and all of them are capable of doing their own laundry. With liquid this leaves me with a big mess. No matter what I do its always everywhere and its sticky and hard to clean. Powder you can brush off much easier. Thank you so much for sharing. I can’t wait to get started!

  13. Jodi

    I have made a similar recipe that seems to be working really well. My question is do you put it in the dispenser or in the bottom of the washer before adding clothes?

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