How Being Organized Saves You Time and Money

We know that Organization will eventually make our lives easier–once we get past the actual, you know, organizing part. But, do you realize that being more organized can save us not only time but also money?

We all want to be able to organize our schedules and maintain them on a day-to-day basis, but how? Creating a workable schedule is typically time-consuming and often results in a frustrating battle with our calendars.

Read on to see how organization saves you time and money:

Save Time and Money With Organization

Organization and the Elusive Stress-Free Life

Your mom told you this then, and you tell your kids this now: If you keep your belongings organized, you don’t lose them. This is especially handy in the case of important yet rarely used items, such as insurance or tax information.

So why do we find it so difficult to follow our own advice? Are we too “busy”? Are we falling into the “mom-trap” in which we devalue our own time and effort?

The key to keeping things organized is to come up with a place to keep something and stick to it. My grandma used to walk around the house chirping, “a place for everything, and everything in its place.”

If you want to keep important mail in a desk drawer, make sure you keep all of your important mail in that drawer. Don’t be afraid of sorting your things too much. 

Do you have a specific morning and evening skincare routine? Keep a bag or tray in a bathroom drawer for morning and for evening, so that you don’t have to dig around to find the right vial or tube.

Do you have a special necklace that you like to wear with your favorite dress? Hang the necklace on the hanger with the dress–then it is always right where you need it.

Organization Saves you From Re-Buying

Organization keeps you from buying items you already have but have forgotten about or lost. You’re more likely to forget about a pack of rubber-bands you bought several months ago and never opened, than your car keys or your wallet. You spend a lot of money buying things that you already own!

Fortunately, this is a very fixable problem. By cleaning and organizing the designated “junk” drawers in your home or office and making a list of all the items, you will easily find the item you’re looking for the next time you go searching. This avoids unnecessary purchases and impulsive buys at the store in the future. You can apply this flexible habit to many parts of your life.

I also find it helpful to store things close to where I will need them. Example: stamps and envelopes and a fancy pen would all be stored near where I write thank you notes and pay bills. Wrapping paper and gift bags have a designated shelf in the basement, close to where I wrap gifts. I keep the tape far from where the children can find it. If you have children that love to work on ‘art projects” you know exactly why.

If all of your out of season clothing is packed away in a neat and organized manner, then it will be easy to find next year–saving you from buying the perfect cream sweater more than once. 

Organization Helps You Remember Important Details

It can be hard to keep track of every detail when you have a lot going on in your life. Sometimes, bills get lost in the shuffle and go unpaid, or household maintenance is overlooked. Keep your activities organizes so you can attack tasks in an orderly manner.

This is very, very difficult for a naturally scattered person such as myself. I find that setting up habits and routines–while being a drag at times–really helps in this area. If you have not read it yet, The Power of Habit is a life-changing read.

Organization Saves Money on Shopping

If you plan out a menu for each month, (I write more on meal planning here.)  you can buy many of your groceries in bulk, saving you time and frequent trips to the store. If you prepare a list ahead of time, you can also look for coupons that offer savings on the things you plan to buy.

Staying organized and stocking up on essential saves you the stress of running out to make a special trip for more.

My family laughs at me and called me the Amazon Prime mom, because I maybe, just maybe, am addicted to Subscribe and save. Every month a great, big, box arrives on my doorstep full of such “exciting” items as toilet paper, paper towels, and batteries.There is a peace of mind that comes from never running out of toilet paper.

For cleaning and personal Items, I LOVE Grove Collaborative. They carry my favorite Method and Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products and the Acure Organics products that I love for my hair and face. I set up a monthly order and I even have my own Grove Collaborative assistant who is available to answer any questions. Once again, I have the convenience of never running out of my favorite things, and I don’t have to run all over town looking for my favorite facial scrub or stainless steel cleaner. If you shop at Grove using this link you can get a free Mrs. Meyers hand soap and a $10 credit! 

Organization Saves Money and Time

Plan out birthday or holiday gifts well ahead of time so that you can keep an eye out for a good deal.I like to use the Honey extension to find great promo codes and even put certain items on a watch list for lower prices. I recently purchased a great family game for Christmas for 48% off because Honey sent me an alert for a temporary price drop!

I use Ibotta alongside nearly all of my shopping. This slick little app can be stacked alongside other coupons and discounts and gives me real, actual, cash back on all kinds of things that I buy every day–from sandals on Amazon to milk at the grocery store to wine at the liquor store. I’ve cashed out nearly $500 to my Paypal account through casual use and I know friends who have used it far more systematically and have made thousands!

Now, it takes a certain amount of organization to save time and money using these tools, but the payoff is totally worth it!


While it may take a bit of effort, organizing your life allows you to use your time more efficiently and to take full advantage of your finances. Not only that, but the more thought-out your budget or schedule is, the less you will worry about them. There are many tools designed to help keep you organized, including all kinds of helpful apps for mobile devices. Our family swears by Google calendar, mostly because it syncs so well with school and work calendars. Other families really like Cozi, which has a free and premium version with some really cool features. 

Chime in! How has being organized save you time and money?

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Written by Dakotapam
I'm a Lutheran pastor's wife and mom to six kids, including young adult sons down to 8-year old twin daughters. My life is sometimes normal, and sometimes crazy; but through it all, I know that I am blessed! Some people say that I have my hands full, I prefer to call it living life with both hands full, and I love it!