• Anna

      And, we work hard to keep our kids active. We try to do fun family activities that promote activity…last week we went to a trampoline place. That was a workout!

  1. Dawn Monroe

    My grandkids are encouraged to play outside instead of video games. In fact we dont have a video game setup at Grandmas house.l

  2. kristen mcclary

    my kids are pretty awesome they don’t need much encouraging they love to go to the pool and to go outside and play with there friends. they would still love this though and its perfect I have 1 boy 6 and 1 girl 4 and this would be a great Christmas present for them! I love leap frog products they each have a leappad 2 that they love but they are pretty good at controlling there on use on it they usually only play an hour a day unless they get a new game then they will sit and play for hours with it for a few days! I love leap frog because its a learning tool but they have an awesome time. there Disney planes game talks about clouds and they come and tell me that’s a stratus cloud or that’s a cumulus cloud. its so amazing!

  3. My husband and my two oldest boys do martial arts together. As soon as my youngest is old enough he and I will be joining them. It’s a great way to spend time together and be active.

  4. My kids loves the outdoors. We usually go for long walks, hikes and camp outs during summer. Even during winter, my kids find a way to enjoy activities that involves lots of running, jumping and dancing around. And true that, as parents we should try to be role models for active lifestyles and provide our kids with opportunities for increased physical activities.

  5. My family usually spend weekend time together at the local park. We alway have so much fun there. I think that parents should take the lead to get their kid active.
    Our child likes jumping on a trampoline, he jumps almost every time we go to the local park.

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