1. Gretchen

    Interesting picture! Where is that from? I remember having to use one of those when I was growing up, so glad that has changed! The housework thing never changes even when there are no wee ones and I still hate it! Love your blog!

    • It is an old photo. . .you can't tell, but there are twins in my tummy! It was summer 2009 at a reenactment at the state park across the river! And I know what a big difference just a NEWER washing machine makes! You are not giving me hope of ever liking housework:)

  2. Dust? You’re supposed to dust?

    I’m completely opposite of my mom. Her house is a museum. Mine is picked up, but still sort of messy.

    We call it “lived-in.” 😉

  3. I know a woman who refuses to let her two sons help with chores. She’s worried about them being exposed to chemicals (and won’t use the organic stuff) so she only cleans when they are away from the house (and doesn’t realize, I guess, that if she’s using them, they’re being exposed anyway.) Also she has this idea about letting them “just be kids.” Guess what? Her husband was raised the same way, and he doesn’t help out much either. She works more than full time at her freelance photography business, and has to be everyone’s maid! Believe me, we are helping them by teaching them how to maintain a house! Someday they will have their own homes to care for and spouses to get along with.

    • OH my! It sounds like there may be some hang ups there! I want my kids to be kids, but I also want to ahve time to be me too! I guess it is all about balance, right?

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