1. crazytalk05

    I needed to hear that today. I was just looking at Easter pictures…my kids don't get an Easter basket…and while they may get something to wear in the spring…I don't require them to wear any particular outfit on Easter. Every other year I'm not even with them on Easter sunday morning…I'm at work. And my house is not spotless, nor seasonally decorated. But my 13 year old daughter wants to spend time with me one on one each week and my son still wants me to cuddle with him before bed and show me all his lego creations and I guess that should be enough for me.

  2. Joy

    I don't subscribe to magazines. My girls wore dresses that were all free this year; none matched the others but I got Girl2 to wear a dress–that was my accomplishment. And you know full well I don't make homemade cakes or change my home decor with the seasons!! I never have and I'm not sorry. So there!

  3. Beth

    Ack! Parental guilt! Must release it (this coming from someone who has been a parent for one whole week). I figure there are worse ways to screw up a kid than not supplying professionally made themed birthday cakes every year.

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