1. Nancy

    I've got one more year before I'm no longer a mother of a preschooler and I totally understand and get what you're saying. It use to be that the summers weren't so enjoyable with so many preschoolers to keep occupied but now I love summer and the fact I get my kids back and we can enjoy adventures together without all the other activities going on all the time!

  2. Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom

    Beautifully written, Pammy. Now that we’re done having babies I’m finding each stage Emma passes by is, as you say, so bittersweet. What a precious gift God has given us to watch our babies grow!
    Congratulations, Little Ethan!

  3. Dakotapam

    Summers have really gotten to be more fun now that the kids are older! I just hope that we have decent weather this year!

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