1. Becky

    As a 1st time mom I remember hearing something that now as a more “experienced” mom I cling to. I do the best I can and pray that God makes up the difference.

  2. I like that saying, how true it is!

    Isn’t it funny how life works? I often find, the weeks I have been the best mother, are weeks the house it a bit messy. Who wants perfection anyway? How boring!

    I tell myself, what makes a perfect mother isn’t actually BEING perfect, it is always striving to do better. It is the caring that makes us good mothers. You my friend ARE up for mother of the year in that regard!

    • Thanks Megan.

      I really think that parenting brings out all of our insecurities from our childhood.

      I DO want people to think I’m a good mom, darn it! BUT, it can be so hard and no decision is so cut and dry that you know that you are always making the right choice.

      And I should not worry about what other people think, but gee…if I could stop worrying then I WOULD be superwoman!

      I miss you girl! We need to get some face to face time soon!

  3. Jen

    Amen, Pam! I’ve learned that a clean home does not equal a happy home. Generally it is an unhappy home as I am trying to finish something while a baby is crying and kids are fighting. We all pitch in and it certainly doesn’t look perfect. That’s ok with me though!

  4. Anne

    I know many an adult who had a “perfect” mother – one in particular. Those adults come without the knowledge of how their sheets got on the bed, meals got cooked, and socks got lined up in the drawer in the first place … and can’t be trained to do it themselves!!!!

    Praise God for imperfect mothers, as they raise independent, competent children!!!

  5. I’ve been getting so many ‘you’re such a good mom’ comments when talking about what i’ve been doing with the kids and especially with Joey and all the while I’m thinking….but I let his spica cast get soaking wet with urine. The spica cast he is supposed to wear for twelve weeks! Well, eleven now….one week down….eleven to go!

  6. It is all forgiven and was even before you yelled at your kiddos. Have peace in that.

    So many of us moms are so hard on ourselves. Not suggesting we watch the chaos mount but we do forget that Jesus died for us too and loves us. Hugs on these frustrating days and all the rest too.

    Funny story. A friend of mine was talking to me one day when I had three small children and I was feeling guilty for having yelled at them. She said she knew what I meant. She had been yelling at her children about something and happened to look at her face in the mirror when it happened. She thought to herself that she would never do that again. “Yell at your kids?” I asked. “No, look at myself in the mirror while yelling at the kids.”

    Har, har.

    Go wipe down a counter or something and feel better.

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