1. I like this Pam. The verse is great- what a reminder that joy is not a LAW placed on the backs of already suffering Christians- but a gift and something to look forward to!

    “Be joyful, you ungrateful fool!” That’s what I usually hear when I think about joy. But like you said… much of our joy is yet to come.. but even now (grace upon grace!) there are glimpses even in the poo and drudgery 🙂

    If you haven’t listened to President Harrison’s talk on Joy in Issues, ETC I very much recommend it 🙂

    • I need to look up that episode, as I am certain that it is wonderful. to be honest, I am rather glad about seeing the Fruits of the Spirit with fresh eyes as I always saw them as LAW…you know, if you are not patient, then obviously the Holy Spirit is not with you…that can be so hard to take. Because, quite honestly, I fail at all of that, all of the time!

  2. Wynona

    I love your positive attitude! It seems like you see the world at the lighter side. :0 Keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing..

  3. Chezzianne

    Hi Pam…Bible study for me is somehow helpful in everyday living and it sometimes cleanses our soul…

  4. Sheila

    Reading bible helps me to relieve my stress it help me also to become closer to god..In our daily lives we need to pray always..

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