1. Tracey Spagnuolo

    My youngest Nicolina and I’m sure her older sister Brenna would be the ones to use it. It would allow my older one with classifications to interact with her sister in a fun way.

  2. Jeannette

    My Granddaughter RaeAnne 3 y/o would LOVE the dancing and singing! But it won’t be long till her little brother will be playing right along side her! 😉

  3. Laura J

    Oh Carter would LOVE this! Would be wonderful for our cold Minnesota winters too! I really love that it puts your child IN the game! That is so neat! I am sure Carter would get me up and dancing too!

  4. amy pugmire

    I have a 7,4 and almost 3 year old that would love this under the tree for xmas. I think there favorite feature would be the controller and the different modes it does. They would also love the fun games they can play. Love that you can learn and have fun at the same time.

  5. My daughter would love this because it not only encourages her to get active, but she is also learning and having fun! She loves her hand held educational games, but this would be a step up.

  6. Cassandra Eastman

    It would be for my 3 & 5 year old! They both love to dance and jump so that would definitely be their favorite thing about the LeapTV!

  7. Marie

    Both of my girls would really enjoy this!! I like that the leap products all help them to learn while having fun!! I also like the ability to play without using a controller.

  8. Brandy hills

    Both of my kids will love anything thag gets them moving. They have tons of energy and this is the perfect system to get them moving with some of their favorite characters.

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