1. Kristin

    I do believe that I am in a period of my life where God is stretching me… I also believe that I am so into something else right now that I know I am not listening to what he is telling me… I need to open my ears (heart) more and really listen to what he is trying to say…. God always has the message… its just matter of if we are listening and frankly lately I feel like God is on the FM and I can't get my radio off of the AM.

    thanks for the wonderful message and making me think tonight

  2. Kristin

    ok for some reason my comment didn't go through the first time so I redid it and wrote a bit differently since I couldnt remember exactly what I wanted to write… lol

    Sorry for 'spamming' your blog with my random thoughts… lol

  3. Morningglory

    I have been challenged everyday of being a mother. For 18 years I have had the wonderful experience of mothering an extremely curious little girl, an Autistic son, a son that took on a trait of his Fathers that is not so good, he was diagnosed having Bi Polar disorder. and now, twins. So Yes.. It's not just lately that I feel challenged It has been every day for 18 years now. I have to say… Life would be an awful boring mess with out those challenges… I would have to become a full time baby sitter lol!

  4. Megan

    God has been stretching me lately, it feels a little bit farther than I am able to handle, at times. I know one thing though, if I am taking anything from it, it is appreciation for life and how precious our time with our loved ones really is.

    I am with you on the breastfeeding, Pam. I fed all my kids that way and I felt it was such a beautiful bonding experience. I WISH I would have tried the cloth diapering! What can I say, I was a young mama?!

  5. Melrose

    a huge "uh huh!!" to all three questions…lets just say when I was first married (5 yrs ago) and found out I was pregnant 3 months later I thought I would rock at motherhood! I had been babysitting since I was 12 and had seen the FULL spectrum of parenting styles. Nannying in college gave me an even more intimate look…oh boy….literally 🙂

    5 yrs and 3 boys later I just try to get through one day at a time without losing my cool and shouting at them. I still have my way of doing things and my idea of Christian parenting but Im the first to admit now that I have no idea what Im doing 🙂

  6. Untamed Shrew

    Erm. Yeah, I'm getting stretched. Literally. I'm trying to be grateful for the body God gave me and the miracle happening inside it, but I will have to fight every hour of every day to keep the scale under 250. I saw a maternity shirt that says, "Birth control is for wimps." Wonder if it comes in plus sizes.

    And… there's the 18mo crying.

  7. Bismarckmom

    I have NEVER regretted staying home with my 3 children. I remember crying the first whole week I was alone with a newborn. What did I know about parenting? What a huge responsibility! God stretched me BIG TIME then & when I had 3 children under 6 years old. Wow, I am so glad He did. Will I miss my 18yo son when he goes to college this fall? Definitely. I'm already crying BUT I am so thankful for taking the time so we could have such a wonderful relationship.

    So to Pam, "Well done, good & faithful servant."

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