1. Well my #s are no where near ours but I am just getting started!

    Married 4.5 years

    Pregnant 75 weeks and counting

    1 daughter (1 on the way)

    Nearly 2 years of diaper changes so far

    9 months of breastfeeding (more to come starting in December!!)

    2 states

    13 houses/apartments – we now own our first house

    5 vehicles

    2 Technical colleges (TV Production and Accounting)

    1 High School

    1 Middle School

    1 Elementary School

    2 Godchildren to pray over

    I hope to one day reach your staggering numbers! You are Awesome!

  2. I will never hit you number in marriage years but for everything else let’s see:

    Pregnant: 113 weeks (Alittle over 2 years)

    1 son

    1 daughter

    3 miscarriages

    4 years of diaper changes

    40 months breastfeeding (almost 4 years)

    2 states

    13 rental homes/apts (hopefully my own home soon)

    8 vehicles

    1 graduate schools

    2 elementary schools

    1 middle school

    1 high school

    Proud to have one child in college and one in elementary school. Whew I will have more number soon.

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