My Life by the Numbers

Isn’t if funny how our lives stack up? I may not be where I ever pictured myself, but I’d not trade any of this for the world!

  • Married: 16.5 years
  • Pregnant: 208 weeks (just shy of 4 years)
  • 4 sons
  • 2 daughters
  • 12 years (so far) of diaper changes
  • 87 months breastfeeding (just over 7 years)
  • 5 states
  • 9 homes
  • 5 vehicles
  • 2 graduate schools
  • 3 elementary schools
  • 1 middle school
  • 1 high school
  • prayed over 4 Godchildren
Those numbers seem staggering, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. As a result of those seven years of breastfeeding, our children are very spaced out! That means we will have a student in out high school for the next 11 years straight, in the middle school for 11 years straight, and kids in our elementary school for 11 years straight. . .and then one more round in the middle school and high school!
All this is to point out, ever so gently, that motherhood is a marathon, not a sprint.
As mothers we will make errors. We will make big and small mistakes. But we have YEARS to make corrections. And sometimes, we learn that the things we stressed out about were not such a big deal after all (like decisions over crib bedding).
I also like to think that there is extra special patience granted an oldest child. We make most of our mistakes with him!
Chime in! How do your number stack up? You know I’d love to hear from you!



6 Replies to “My Life by the Numbers”

  1. Well my #s are no where near ours but I am just getting started!

    Married 4.5 years

    Pregnant 75 weeks and counting

    1 daughter (1 on the way)

    Nearly 2 years of diaper changes so far

    9 months of breastfeeding (more to come starting in December!!)

    2 states

    13 houses/apartments – we now own our first house

    5 vehicles

    2 Technical colleges (TV Production and Accounting)

    1 High School

    1 Middle School

    1 Elementary School

    2 Godchildren to pray over

    I hope to one day reach your staggering numbers! You are Awesome!

  2. I will never hit you number in marriage years but for everything else let’s see:

    Pregnant: 113 weeks (Alittle over 2 years)

    1 son

    1 daughter

    3 miscarriages

    4 years of diaper changes

    40 months breastfeeding (almost 4 years)

    2 states

    13 rental homes/apts (hopefully my own home soon)

    8 vehicles

    1 graduate schools

    2 elementary schools

    1 middle school

    1 high school

    Proud to have one child in college and one in elementary school. Whew I will have more number soon.

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