1. This is a great story. I am a mother of twins born a month early, but they were able to come home right away, but I do have some understanding of NICU because my grandaughter who will be 6 months soon was born 7 weeks early. She was in the hospital for a few weeks, and I know what you mean by not being able to hold her and keep her with you like you want. Tac Gen was a very good hospital with much good care.

  2. becky matthews

    My first was a preemie singleton, but I often have give some of the advice you have and I will add to it.
    1)If you have time make sure to spend time with your husband for a walk or supper together. You have the best babysitters in the world and you are under a very stressful situation.
    2) We had Michael babtized at 2 days old. Not for medical necessity, but that moment made him feel like MY son, not the hospitals. That may not be your choice, but do something that makes that child yours.
    3) Make sure that you have your child followed for delays, ect over the next years. My preemie had sensory integration issues that I feel as an Occupational therapist and his mom were due to his premature birth.

    I had 1 preemie and remember the feeding difficultes, sleep issues, ect and it overwhelmes me to imagine twin preemies.

    • Becky, what a great reminder! Emily was not in so long that I needed that time with Matt, but when Owen was hospitalized for 4 days with RSV at 5 weeks the nurses finally kicked me out to go get lunch with Matt. I broke down and sobbed in the middle of McDonalds but I needed that time away.

  3. Isn’t it incredible looking back? What a wondrous story. Our two were born at 36w5d, and we were very VERY fortunate with no NICU time. My hat is off to all who manage to make that time as positive and potential filled as they do. Our local hospital has regular NICU reunions…what a bonding time for some of those families.

    THANK YOU for what you all are doing for M of D!

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