1. Thanks for the recipe! It is good to make a couple of different proteins for the week in more quantities than you need for one meal, and then alternate them so the family doesn’t get bored of eating chicken 3 nights in a row!

  2. Anne

    I just “tried” a month of PrepDish – ok, I paid for it, printed off the meal plans, and quickly realized that the amount of sweet potatoes, kale, and other “weird” stuff wasn’t going to fly with any family members aside from me. So…they are sitting in a file cabinet waiting for me to sift through, cut and paste into a workable plan for us.

    Is eMeals less “weird?” I need one of two things; a meal planning site where I put in my own favorite recipes, or one run by a mom of many (such as myself) with picky eaters – a desire to eat healthy using normal, available ingredients!!!

    So…you’re on the hook, DakotaPam – can’t wait to see YOUR meal plan!!!!!

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