1. Morningglory

    A tip I can provide is Once in your 3rd trimester with multiples, Avoid sitting in a bathtub. I made that mistake, and couldn't get back up! lol My husband had to rescue me. Quick showers are best.

  2. Dakotapam

    Oh, I remember that! Actually at that point, I would not even take a shower unless my husband was home, in case I slipped in the shower.

  3. robYn!

    1. Invest in a body pillow or extra pillows. I had to use many pillows at night to sleep comfortable.2. Get a maternity belt. I used the prenatal cradle. I was fortunate I never went on bed rest and worked up to 34 weeks. So to help at work I used the maternity belt.

  4. I have twin sisters that are four years younger than me. I took part in helping raise them. It is double everything! The best part was dressing them alike. Good luck to you and God Bless 🙂

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