• I have pretty loose requirements for sleeping through the night, if they sleep from when I go to bed around midnight, until around seven when I have to get up with the big kids, that counts.

  1. Okay, so I’m not a mom of multiples but I’m a mom so I wanted to give my best advice. Take it all in. Listen to the crazy mom’s advice and listen to the mom you aspire to be advice. Just listen and let it digest. Don’t follow any one piece of advice all at once. Let all the advice just melt and blend together until you find what works best for YOU. Don’t only try stuff that works best for others.

    I took some advice from someone who IS a really great mom but it turned out to be the worst advice FOR ME. And then, there was this mom that I thought was totally insane….but ended up following her advice and was amazed at how brilliant she really was.

  2. Holly

    Love this advice. Even though my boy/girl twins will be 6 months old tomorrow – and are obviously not identical – I always put our son on the left and our daughter on the right in pictures! Makes it easier!

    My kids are not on the same schedule at all…and we just deal with it! The first few months are crazy – but I dare I say – it is almost easy now???

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