1. I admit it – I am also a mom who yells. And everything you say here is spot on. It doesn’t work for any of us.
    We do have a job checklist for Zilla, but we took it down to update it and…never put it back up. So that’s on MY list for the day. For me, I use my day planner as my checklist, but perhaps I should show my daughter how that’s true so she understands that we all need lists, not only her, and that it’s not a form of punishment or an indication of mistrust, simply a tool to help get things done. All three of us in this house have ADHD so you can image how difficult it can be to remember things for ourselves and for one another. It’s a challenging life here!
    Thanks for the reminder, Pam.

    • Yes, with my older kids I model using my bullet journal to manage my life. They don’t always get it. . .but I hope they eventually learn. My older ones are all boys and executive function takes so long to develop in them, if ever. I’m hoping that with starting early with the girls, we can build good habits early on.

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