For All The Saints

I did it again…I cried in church tonight. It happens every All Saints Day. We sing For All The Saints and I feel very brave and strong and sing joyfully for about three verses. Then I weep. I’m not a terribly emotionally charged person. I don’t cry about much. Unless I am pregnant Hallmark commercials […]

Time Management

I am starting to feel the critical load of motherhood, and all of my other vocations. In my old life, when the Rev pastored a large congregation, I could melt into the background, bake an occasional pan of bars, teach Sunday School when I felt ready to do so, and make an occasional pot of […]

On Not Being A Screamer

I get a lot of feminine wisdom from this blog. Last week there was a blog post written, entitled Screamers. It began as a caution against raising screaming children, but ended as chastisement against women being “screamers”, or as my dear sweet Rev would so kindly put it, “over reactors”. It hit a bit close […]