Back to School Goals

I’m a goal setter.  I’m not always a goal attainer, but I like to set goals.  And, even though I’ve been at this mom gig for some 20 years, I’m still figuring things out. So I’m going to sit down with the kids this week and have them learn to set some goals for the … [Read more…]


We just got back from a week of family vacation. So, yes, perhaps the two oldest felt it was a bit of a forced march at times, but family vacation it was.  Our vacation came at the end of a very busy and fragmented summer. Our oldest finished up National Guard training, so his siblings … [Read more…]

Born This Way Season 2

For many and various reasons I thoroughly enjoyed  Born This Way, Season 1 on A&E.  Born This Way is a document-drama that follows seven adults born with Down Syndrome and their families in Southern California. It shows an honest a humorous look at their lives. As a mom of young adults, I could relate to the … [Read more…]