Born This Way Season 2

For many and various reasons I thoroughly enjoyed  Born This Way, Season 1 on A&E.  Born This Way is a document-drama that follows seven adults born with Down Syndrome and their families in Southern California. It shows an honest a humorous look at their lives. As a mom of young adults, I could relate to the … [Read more…]

On Having It All Together

If you run into a mom who claims to “have it all together” run away! Fast! The truth is, none of us have it together. Some of us may have part of it together, but not everything. For instance, breastfeeding was always really easy for me, so I breezed through that part of motherhood. But … [Read more…]

Update and a Refocus

This little space has been neglected. Again. And I forget how much I love this little corner of the web.  I miss encouraging you moms. So I am re-focusing, once again.  I want this pace to be one that I can help make working moms’ lives easier. Or at least help working moms survive. BUT, … [Read more…]