1. Sounds like we could cook together–I can’t think of anything else to add. I like the idea of letting the kids help more with the planning, and need to start doing that.

  2. I couldnt agree more with your ideas and I am glad to see more and more attention being drawn to this issue. I do not have children of my own, but I do care about the health and wellness of kids today and of future generations. So when I heard of the opportunity to work for Ricki Lake’s new program AllStride.com, I jumped on board. Ricki is a mom of 2 boys with a busy career and schedule. She can relate to the troubles parents face when trying to provide a healthy well-balanced lifestyle for their kids. That is why she brought together a team of health care professionals to start AllStride. I admire Ricki and all she is doing to help prevent childhood obesity and provide a happy, healthier future for kids.

  3. I also cook the majority of the meals we eat from fresh ingredients. I don’t use canned aanything which not only is healthier, but it’s cheaper as well. My three kids are all tiny little kiddos so weight isn’t an issue, but I like to take them to the park just to run and play. I think the biggest problem is that kids are cooped up with very little free time to run and play.

    • I think that it is even harder here where our winters are so long and so cold! My older kids are runners and they run no matter what. I have searched out more indoor active play areas for my younger kids.

  4. Fighting childhood obesity…just obesity in general is tough and probably not a one size fits all solution. My biggest thing is doing activities with the kids. Letting the kids pig out on whatever they want on special holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4, and birthdays) Otherwise, they eat mostly fruits and veggies first then their meats and cheeses and then snacks.

  5. Prince

    Obesity is, truly, one of the most common health problems today especially for children. It is very important that you train your kids how to have a healthy lifestyle, so they won’t end up suffering from more complicated disorders when they become adults. Obesity can be prevented easily when you live with a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for sharing these useful tips! 🙂

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