1. I happen to procrastinate too…..but in a different way. I can never predict when I will procrastinate or why I do it. No rhyme or reason.

    When I was in college the only reason I graduated with a 3.8 is because I was the kid who looked at the syllabus and said, Hey I can do all that THIS WEEKEND. And I did. I spent the rest of the semester goofing off and just showing up for class. Turned the paper in on the day it was due and made A’s almost all the time. It was awesome. The ONLY time in my life I haven’t procrastinated though. I think.

    • Sue

      Oh, gosh, procrastinate has become my middle name. And I only have me and the cats to take care of! And the cats won’t let me put off feeding them or cleaning their litter boxes (yes, plural; one of them has “issues” with a box and “they” say to have 1 box per cat plus 1, so I have 2 cats, 3 boxes, and it helps.)(I did a little better when my boys were still at home, but not by much!) I don’t know why – my mother wasn’t that way. It does feel like a sin against God. And unfortunately satan knows my weakness and targets me constantly. I seem to be in this vicious circle where I can’t stop and I can’t get out. I’m about 6 years away from retirement and am working on this, baby steps at a time, to be able to retire and be free to enjoy myself, to be organized, and serve God much better than I am right now. I wish I had the answers – I’d bottle it up and sell it! I find it does have a friend to support you. (Not group stuff – I really hate that.) Last winter I just COULD NOT get the last of the Christmas ornaments packed up and put away. I had taken the tree down but ornaments were all over a card table in the middle of a very small living room. So one night I invited a friend to come over and watch me pack them up. She just sat in a chair and talked to me. Since I SAID I was packing up, I was pretty much forced to. Sometimes just telling a specific person I’m going to do whatever helps, too. Some friendly nagging, too! My pastor has said that he feels like he has a bullseye painted on him – Lutheran Pastor: use for target practice and cause to sin! I feel kind of like that since the devil knows my weakness (which carries over into lots of areas of my life) and keeps on with the target practice. I understand what you mean about the babies not letting you put certain things off. I find I can work really well under an imminent deadline. But that’s probably not the best way to do things; that should be saved for an unusual situation. On the other hand, you have 2 babies and I think people with small children should get at least somewhat of a pass. Those babies are small for such a short time, and I think you should not worry about letting a few things slide while spending more time with them. Just don’t slide so far you don’t know where to start to dig yourself out. (Pot calling the kettle black!) I’ll pray for you when I pray for me about this.

  2. Oh my goodness, I needed to read this today! This is just confirmation that I need to find some time and space to get myself organized so that I can stop procrastinating! So glad you wrote this!

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