1. Becky E

    Let me start by saying, I accidentally finished the book. 🙂 I couldn’t help it! It sucked me in.
    I have a few favorite memories of my grandparents’ houses. One, my Mom’s parents’ house always smelled like fresh homemade bread, because there was usually bread baking, of course. Two, I remember at my Dad’s parents’ house there was a bedroom painted blue and that is the one we always slept in when we visited. They also had tinker toys, which we didn’t have, and my Grandma had a giant bucket of suckers in her pantry just for her many grandkids to have for a treat. Also, they always had Grape Nuts cereal and I thought it was horrible. I know own the kitchen table and matching hutch that was in their house and everytime I open the cabinets on the hutch it smells just like Grandma and Grandpa. I wish I could bottle it up and keep it forever.
    We live a house away from my husband’s parents, and 1 hour from my mom’s house (which is where I grew up) and so I am thankful that my kids will get to lock away some precious memories of their grandparents’ houses, as well.

    • I laughed at your accidental finishing!

      Smells are a big part of the memories of Grandma’s house. Always a pot of coffee, and almost always something simmering on the stove. Sometimes a soup like split pea, or navy bean, or baking sweets. . . My grandma had an Incurable sweet tooth.

  2. Jessica L. Randall

    Just dropping in on the discussion. It’s so fun to see people enjoying The Obituary Society. Some of my old house memories are already in the book, of course, but I’ll add a few more. I walked down the path to my grandma and grandpa’s house almost every night to sleep. I loved how Grandma would put the milk on the porch steps when she ran out of room in the fridge, and it would freeze a little (my husband partially freezes my milk for me when he makes cookies because it makes me so happy). I remember the smell of steak sizzling in the pan- Gram was a great cook! I remember laying on the couch with Grandpa watching the late show, and sometimes he would carry me up the narrow wooden steps to bed (I don’t know how he managed it!). Me and my sister would often sleep up in that attic room with Grandma and Grandpa. I remember sitting by the vent listening to my grandpa shovel coal to keep us warm, and sitting and looking out the front window while he curled my hair for school. My other grandma’s house was so fun too. She had a pipe fence we would walk next to a huge tree that was perfect for climbing. In her house the hot and cold were reversed on the kitchen faucet (sound familiar?), she always had a freezer full of Casco’s and Fat Boys, and we would play Rack-O or rummy or whatever our favorite game was at the time until it was late. I also remember the sound of her big grandfather clock. Sorry this is so long! Love my grandparents and miss them so much!

    • Jessica,
      I can tell from reading the book that you were very close to your grandparents. I lived with mine for my later teen years, and I can still remember their funny routines. For instance, my uncle delivered our newspaper, and had a house key. . .yet grandpa woke at 6 every morning to make sure the door was unlocked before my uncle would arrive. Also, new talk radio was on all day long in the kitchen. And dinner clean up always had to be done before Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! And yes, my grandparents read the obituaries regularly, and planned their social calendar around them!

  3. Beth W

    I have lots of great memories of both grandma’s houses (and am blessed to still have a grandma who is living, though not in her original house…and I miss that house!) Like everyone mentions, the first thing that takes you back is the smell. That comforting older-homey smell, mixed with good food and maybe some liniment? My maternal grandma’s house was an older house with creakier floors and no air (she had HUGE fans that we like to talk into). But she had a great big yard with lots of trees and a quiet neighborhood that we were allowed to venture out into for walks around the block. My paternal grandma’s house had this awesome attached screened-in porch where they would sit out in the evenings and watch tv. I distinctly remember the three of us girls standing on the cement step that led down to that porch and putting on a “show” (ala The Mandrell Sisters), in our matching nightgowns. She also had this really cool mail slot where the mail dropped into the living room from the outside. We loved waiting for the mailman to come. There was always good food at both grandmas’ houses — and Fannie Mae and trips to the DQ for Dilly Bars.
    My children are blessed to have both grandmas in town. My parents have lived in the same house for 28 years, and there is ALWAYS some good food cooking there. They will have lots of memories of both of them. I’m so glad that they are old enough that they will be able to remember them!

    • Beth W

      By the way, I am enjoying the book also. I’m impressed you got through the whole thing, Becky E! I was cramming to read my five chapters quick last night before I fell asleep last night. I promise to do better this week! 😉 Very cool to have you joining the discussion, Jessica!!

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