Read With Us Wednesdays: “The Obituary Society”: Week 3 Discussion

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I don’t know about you guys. . . But I’m really enjoying this book. And I’m glad Essie and I decided to pick bite-sized chunks each week. When I have time to read, I read voraciously, but with the Turkey Trot last week, I have not had much time at all! With the Turkey Trot came a long-awaited visit from College Kid, which ate up some time as well. I took the last two days off of work to catch up with life (and laundry!). Then, last night I had a child fall ill, so my time off has been extended, as well as my laundry load! (Just a note. . .my Maytag Bravos washing machine took care of all of that yucky laundry without any trouble!)

And now, back to our book!

If this is your first time here, we are reading through The Obituary Society by Jessica Randall, and it can be purchased for Kindle. We are reading along with Essie of Essie’s Blessings and you can join the conversation over there as well!

This week we are reading chapters 11-15, and the plot sure is thickening. We are finding out just how spunky Lila is as she deals with her grandfather’s house. I think she has way more resolve than I do!

Today’s quote to discuss is:

“Don’t you think this old house might be more trouble than it’s worth?” [Asher] asked.

and Lila’s answer:

“Sometimes things that are the most trouble are the most worthwhile.”

How very true. Our family has had our fair share of trouble in the past few years. Many of my long-time readers have read of them. However, I just don’t think I would trade those troubles in. They are a part of who I am, they  are a part of our family’s heritage. Some of my past troubles are a cautionary tale of how I will choose to parent our children.  I’m a walking billboard for, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” I think that some of my troubles have enabled me to be more empathetic of those going through their own struggles. In other ways it has hardened me, as I am kind of a “pull yourself up and move on” kind of girl. No wallowing allowed.

I guess that is what I enjoy about Lila. She does not have to stick around, but she does . . . creepy house and all.

Chime in! What are your reactions to the reading selection this week? What troubles have you been through that have proven to be worthwhile? Leave a comment here, and make sure you head over to Essie’s Blessings to chime in as well!

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